All You Need to Know About CCTV Operating Course

19, December 2019
CCTV Operating Course

CCTV operating course is a regulated qualification that is ideal for the one wanting to take up the designation of a CCTV operator. This is a particular course that provides individuals with relevant knowledge and skills so that you get the confidence to apply for an SIA licence in this field. This field has been highly developed to meet the basic requirements of the SIA.

The subjects covered under this CCTV operating course include the responsibilities and roles of the CCTV operators, operational procedures, code of practice and guidelines and surveillance techniques. The CCTV operating course covers that content that is very much common across distinct sub-sectors at Level 2 such as Door Supervision, CCTV Operations, Security Guarding, Vehicle Immobilization and Valuables & Cash in Transit.

What Does the CCTV Operating Course Cover?

The CCTV operating course is spread into 3 mandatory units:

Unit No. 1: Working within the Private Security Industry:

Unit No. 2: All about Regarding Working as A CCTV Operator in A Private Security Industry:

Unit No. 3: Practical Knowledge of the CCTV Operations within the Private Security Industry:

Examination Procedure in the CCTV Operating Course:

To get through the CCTV Operating Course you require sitting for 2 MCQs and a practical examination.

Unit 1 and 2 have 40 MCQs with a duration of an hour with a pass mark of twenty-eight for every unit while Unit 3 has a practical examination that assesses how well you can demonstrate the uses of the CCTV.

Eligibility for the CCTV Operating Course:

The eligibility for CCTV Operating Course is that the learners must be at least 18 years of age. Mostly it is advised that the learners should get at least level 1 in their English paper. This is because the Security operatives are required to make calls during emergencies at work and their communication must be fluent in English so that they are able to resolve the issue without much delay.

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