SIA Security Guarding Training
SIA Security Guarding Training

SIA Security Guarding Training

Due to the rising uncertainties in the present world, security holds the utmost importance. Security is necessary for almost all fields may it be the traditional or industrial sector. With security being the need of today’s world, it indeed holds an essential career option for the present youth in the UK. Hence, if you wish to become an apt worker in the security sector, you require going through SIA Security Guard Training to avail of a professional edge to your skills and potential. By choosing to opt for a proper security course, your worth for the respective post will hold great value, thereby helping you attract high salary as well as better abilities and skills.

What Do the SIA Security Guard Training Course Offer?

We have listed below 2 major reasons which would help you know why it is important for you to undergo the SIA Security Guard Training course:

To Grasp Proper Knowledge

As you know, knowledge is the ultimate power. If you wish to hold a proper grasp over your occupation, you require having proper knowledge in this specific field. Having knowledge helps you avail of the basic understanding regarding your job which involves the technical aspect as well. The SIA Security Guard Training course helps you attain knowledge regarding your course from both a practical and theoretical perspective.

For Practical Understanding

Having complete knowledge without any practical implication is worthless. Realistic implementation is the basic necessity once you attain the knowledge of security. Indulging in a security Guard training course with us not only gives you an overall understanding basis the theory behind but also helps you implement it practically to attain confidence in the field.

Why Choose Us?

We at Secured Security Consultancy Limited (SSC Ltd) hold great importance among people as we in an amicable and disciplined manner help today’s youth to grasp knowledge on security. Here, we aim at educating each and every student who enrols to our SIA Security Guard Training course and helps them to reach great heights in terms of career. We specialise in the following fields, namely: first aid, health and safety, food safety, SIA security licenses, personal licensing and teacher training. To match well the differing requirements of our learner, we offer the security courses via distinct channels, which means our courses are delivered at your home as well which is through distance learning.

Course Overview


£150 No Hidden Cost


4 Days


Course Timings 10:00 - 19:00


Minimum age requirement is 18


The course is assessed by (3)multiple choice exams.


Result are available within 10 - 15working days of the exams.


Successful candidates will receive a Level 2 Award in Security Guarding (QCF) certificate.

AgeGroup Bookings

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