Know About SIA Security Training to Open Job Opportunities for You

07, November 2019
Know About SIA Security Training to Open Job Opportunities for You

Are you a fresher or a retired person? Are you looking for a job opportunity but are not getting the right track? You should know that now you have an ample amount of opportunities to explore around you and then you can choose one for yourself. But you should also be aware that most of the opportunities you get will need some professional development and personal training. Nowadays, so many institutes have popped up that claim to train you along with giving you a secured job. Jobs of a security guard is very much in demand now. So if you are interested in this profile, you should search for SIA security training opportunities to secure your future and to have solid training. SSC limited UK is offering various training for security jobs, CCTV operations that will help you secure a job.

What Is SIA Security Training?

SSC limited offers a security guard training which is an accredited course with a well-developed curriculum that helps to achieve the requirements needed by the Security Industry Authority. You will be getting some knowledge and skills with the help of this training that will help you to get an authorized license. If you wish to work at school, hospital or shopping malls, this course could be ideal for you.

Benefits of SIA Security Training

  1. It is a short course that you can complete within four days. This makes it easier for you to finish this course just by taking a few days off from your current workplace.
  2. There is no age limit. The minimum age should be 18 years, So, anyone above 18 years can take this training.
  3. Assessments are there to check your progress. The results are announced within 10-15 working days after the exam. So, you do not have to wait long for the results.
  4. It is a level 2 security guarding course and you will receive a certificate after passing the course. This SIA security training certificate will help you get an SIA license and then you can work as a security guard.
  5. The course is not very expensive and charges you only 139.99 dollars which are quite cheap in this market scenario. If a few of your friends are interested in this course, you all can book together as a group booking and can avail some additional discounts.

About SSC Limited

Their vision is to empower people by giving them an opportunity to gain further knowledge. They also offer their courses inhouse, on your campus or in distance learning modes. They think about their customers and their comfort. They also have their learning centre in such an area where you will have enough space to park your vehicles. From this, you will get to know how much they are concerned about their customers. So, make up your mind and book their course. Then you can have your license to work as a security guard.

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