Benefits of SIA Conflict Management Training

26, December 2019
SIA Conflict Management Training

Our Level 3 SIAconflict management training is a certified capability created to meet the prerequisites of mentors who wish to convey situation-based conflict management training.

This course is reasonable for conveyance over a wide scope of areas, uncommonly to those conveying training in a client confronting job.

Our course additionally meets the necessities of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) for those conveying the permit to rehearse capabilities that would incorporate situation-based Conflict Management Training. Taking up our SIA conflict management training will help you become a certified professional.


The Security Industry Authority (SIA) recognizes that it is basic for all security staff working in the private security industry to have experienced an organized program of learning and education bringing about perceived capabilities on the off chance that they are to be successful and proficient in their job. An SIA conflict management training gives you all the adage in this and helps you become a professional in this domain.

Progressively, industry partners likewise perceive that people with implementation obligations must have an expansive scope of aptitudes and a reasonable comprehension of their job. As the extension, assorted variety and significance of their work keep on developing, so the level of polished methodology anticipated from security staff will increment.

Planning to Join Us? Here is What You Can Expect from SIA Conflict Management Training Take A Note of These Things Before You Start the SIA Conflict Management Training:

Cost of the course

The cost of the course is estimated to be £299.99 (no hidden cost)


The Timings are generally 10:00-19:00

Duration of Course:

The duration of this particular course is 2 days

Minimum Age Criterion:

It is for all those who are 18 years or above

Mode of the Examination and Its Result

In the SIA conflict management training, you will have a Multiple Choice and portfolio evidence examination that is conducted. As soon as you appear for the test within 15days of the time interval you will be notified about your result. Level 3 Delivering Conflict Management (QCF) certificate will be awarded to the candidate upon successfully completing the SIA conflict management training.

What Does If This Course Comprise Of?

This SIA conflict management training comprises of two compulsory units and sadly no optional unit:

Unit 1- This first unit under SIA conflict management training is a theoretical unit dependent on the Level 2 Conflict Management. This is surveyed by a straightforward 30-min MCQ test taken under SIA test conditions.

Unit 2- The subsequent unit in SIA conflict management training is a viable and includes the arrangement, plan, and conveyance of a 30-minute situation put together micro-teach with respect to any peace promotion strategy.

So, gear up and join this SIA Level 3 Delivering Conflict Management Training course and become a certified professional and make a strong foothold in the industry. You may contact us using any of these alternatives - Call at 07501947135, email at

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